YCARe is a unique international project aimed at supporting youth counsellors in preventing and combatting radicalization. Eight countries participate in the project, Austria, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and The Netherlands.

They collect guidelines and best practices. In recent years several national and international projects have been set up to exchange and disseminate knowledge and best practices. YCARe's added value stems from the feedback that is collected among the youth counsellors who use the tools.

A teaching environment is created in which best practices and guidelines can be improved. The idea is that young workers may eventually be better equipped if countries learn from one another. The project Youth Counselling Against Radicalization (YCARe) is now carried out with funding from the Erasmus+ programme.

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Latest News


November 22, 2017

Learning material against radicalization - now online!

In our YCARE project, materials have been developed and collected in recent months that will provide teachers, youth counselors and all those involved in youth work with quick and easy support in selecting educational material for radicalization prevention. The aim is to counteract the radicalization of young men and women who are in danger of joining radical organizations. Around 100 exercises and lessons including instructions, worksheets and a manual can be found on the YCARE platform - ready for download and immediate implementation without extensive preparation.

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November 29, 2016

What youth counsellors need

Last year the project Youth Counselling Against Radicalisation (Ycare) has been launched with funding from the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. The project is carried out with expertise in different fields relevant to efforts to counter radicalisation. In recent years radicalisation toward violent extremist and terrorist positions has been considered an increasing treat in the European Union. We believe that international cooperation is necessary to effectively combat cross-border radicalisation and terrorism and are pleased to inform you about our counter-radicalisation project.

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November 1, 2016

Progress regarding the Ycare handbook

In recent months we have worked on our Ycare handbook. As a result we have reached agreement on the overall content that it will hold. As previously announced, this handbook is meant to equip youth counsellors with information useful to detect and combat radicalisation. As we have finished our fourth draft version, we would like to give a more detailed description of the content of the various chapters of the handbook.

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November 1, 2016

An overview of our project

After having identified the needs of professionals in the field of youth counselling we have demarcated the aims and content of the Ycare project. First, we have specified what features make Ycare unique. Various counter-radicalisation programs have been carried out in Europe, and want to make clear where Ycare’s added value stems from. Second, we would like to inform about the products that will result from our project: a handbook with guidelines; a toolbox with activities, good practices and awareness raising material and; an online platform and mobile applications.

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